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Romain Gutsy - If You Don’t Mind | Eccentric and Fresh
Romain Gutsy - If You Don’t Mind | Eccentric and Fresh

Romain Gutsy – If You Don’t Mind | Eccentric and Fresh

Romain Gutsy started his musical career in the 90s and since then has invented and reinvented his musical styles numerous times to become the mesmerizing artist that he is today. Having a decent experience in the field of music, he knows exactly what kind of music speaks for him as an artist and he knows how to d justice to his musical ingenuity. 

He is loved and recognized as a rock and jazz musician with distinctive and unique styles of music and this time he is back with a fresh music number called If You Don’t Mind. This song has that persistent Roamin Gutsy element of being eccentric, yes, but comes with a lot more surprises. Those who have an inclination towards jazz would find his music quite interesting. It not only has strong traditional elements but also comes with brave modern nuances that make these songs what they are. But when it comes to If You Don’t; Mind, this is a song that is joyful, and charming and would serve your mood in just the right manner. You would want to groove on to the song and also reminisce about a sad little incident to get the perfect somber feel. But prominently, this song is charming and adds a lot of joy to the air around you. 

With fresh, modern, joyful lyrics, there are just as joyful melodies and vocals. So the whole combination becomes a grand celebration. 

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