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Tomboy – You | Resolute

Tomboy, a singer-songwriter, just released a new song called “You,” which is characterised by high-energy performances. The mood of the song was fantastic. It began with an intriguing LoFi textural palette before moving on to the vocals. The captivating voice timbre would immediately draw our attention to the tune. I believe the song is incredibly beautifully sung, with subtle modifications that piqued my interest. The songwriting is very detailed, with the words flowing into one another smoothly. I liked how the words were written in a simple manner with a strong musical component that added to the whole experience. The transition from verses to chorus and then to bridge felt natural.

The energy of the production is massively enhanced given the extensive use of the groove. Our pulses were in sync with the song’s drum and bass, which sounded wonderful and tight. In reality, the progression is quite engaging, and the E. Piano’s melodic tone contributes significantly to the song’s intended atmosphere. With the roots, the bass line adds to the mood. Overall, the enthusiasm is maintained throughout the song, which adds to the eagerness of the listeners to groove to the beat. I am confident that the addicting vocals and overall flavour of the song will captivate listeners, and that if they invest a little time, they will greatly enjoy themselves.

Tomboy also talks about their experiences while working on the song and creating it. Check out the interview for additional fascinating details.

1. The song features a lot of subtle nuanced moments. What was it about that one emotion that sparked the song idea?

‘You’ to me, gives a very nostalgic feeling. I wanted something people could dance to or just listen to and feel good, while still carrying a message within the song. For me, this song is all about obsession. I was obsessed with the person I wrote the song about because I couldn’t stop fantasizing about the future together and how we were perfect for each other. It didn’t end up working out and I felt terrible afterwards. What better way to make a situation better than to write a pop anthem about it? In opinion, none.

2. The mood is maintained cheerful and interesting. How did you approach the production elements?

The song takes inspiration from older rnb to modern day pop like “Kiss Me More’ by Doja Cat featuring SZA. We wanted to make an instant classic that felt relevant to today. My producer Jintae Ko who produced the track nailed this vibe entirely. He respected my vocal ability and my writing style by giving me a beat that fit the bill and allowed me to create freely within this melodic structuring of the track.

3. What was it like recording the song for you?

Recording ‘You’ took time. It wasn’t a quick process. I originally recorded the track as I had written and after Jin listened, he thought it could be a little more put together. So, we went back together and had a virtual writing session. We came up with some great lyrics and a few weeks later recorded in the studio together. The recording session was one of the quickest I’ve ever done for a full song. Once we got in the groove, it was pretty easy to put it all together. 

4. Is there anything special you’d want to say about the song?

I will say, the refrain section that comes in after the second chorus was sort of divinely inspired. I get a lot of inspiration on walks and while I was listening to the track over and over one day, the melody idea came to me. I didn’t tell Jin, I just showed up when it was time for our session and before I recorded the part, I mentioned it. I was just like, ‘hey I have this idea, mind if I record it?’ And it stuck!

5. So, what comes next? Do you have anything to say regarding your future songs?

I’m so excited for what’s to come after ‘You’! I’m doing a few shows around LA where I’m based in these next few months. The plan is to drop another track in the summer and continue to building with new music and content. I really want to do a festivals and potentially become an opener. Be prepared for when you see Tomboy on tour, it will be epic.

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