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Jaivy-The Escape
Jaivy-The Escape
Jaivy-The Escape

Jaivy-The Escape | Through another door

Jaivy can reach the pinnacle of sound with just his skills. Over and above that, he happens to be a musician with a natural connection to the melody and movements. If he hasn’t proven it with one, he has several singles that create a perfect concoction of feel, style and execution. With his own mind’s eye supervising production, you’re hearing it as he wanted you to. This is his latest single, The Escape.

Navigating a genre that seems complex to so many and making it simple might have its own challenges. How do you do it?

Being obsessed by the genre makes it easier to navigate. A few new references are helpful in coming up with new ideas and facing new challenges. And always staying true to the genre gives you significant development of your own sound within the genre.

With a laid back, warm tempo- Jaivy creates the bed of notes on which we begin our daze. He takes time to introduce the groove, for that is what a good groove needs. As you’re acquainted, the piano lead flickers through some juicy flourishes and exciting notes for the kind of adventure your mind needed. As you alight and surface to the spirit of the song, you’re part of the percussion and movement. 

Through human emotion

What is it about your single 4A.M that you think resonates with so many people? How do you bring in that essence of insomnia?

I think why it resonates with so many people because they experienced or are experiencing these endless nights of sleeplessness, studying late at night or working at night like I experienced for myself many countless nights.

 The Escape has a core melody of smooth transitions that helps you get lost in it. Can you tell us more about this composition?

The rhythmic backbone is the acoustic drums followed by the bass and accompanied by a steady shaker rhythm and claps. The rhodes create a melodic carpet for the piano to play on, and the city sounds for the background ambience make the song come to life.
Processed a decent amount of reverb and delay in order to work well with the background ‘room’. Added brief breaks in the end of the verses and in the chorus for diversity, and little silent moments throughout out the song to have the focus on the background for a second.

With the instrumental unfolding like the complex mirror imagery of a kaleidoscope, you’re left in awe of how simple it sounds. Jaivy makes sure the lead is something that actually leads the way. Floating from section to section, this might not be lo-fi, but definitely entertains the synapses to a sonic treat. 

Understanding the movement

Among the influences you’ve had, as a jazz musician, is there someone unlikely that has inspired you across genres?

Pianists like Yann Thiersen and Ludovico Einaudi motivated me to level up my ‘piano game’. They inspired me to write piano compositions in a more classical way.

Tell us about your latest single Perspective. Do we see an album release in the near future?

Perspective is a classical piano composition that starts out in a dark and sad setting and changes to .a bright and hopeful setting. The changes of perspectives. I’m planning to release a collection of the piano songs already released mixed with new piano releases and a themed instrumental album later this year.

Born within sheets of music, this artist has always had an affinity for the respite and shelter music gives. As he developed his skills, he has made it a multi-edged tool, something that understands the thrill of the isolated moment. Listen to his brilliant track here:

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