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Trav B Ryan-The River
Trav B Ryan-The River
Trav B Ryan-The River

Trav B Ryan-The River | Dig at the concrete

Looking to switch it up to the freshest in hip-pop, Trav B Ryan never disappoints. With his tracks resonating with an entire generation, this artist has put out the best and catchiest tunes you will hear coming from an indie artist in New York. This is his latest track, The River.

This is a number that feeds on the silence. Using gentle melodies to slowly ease in, the dramatics are awe-inspiring. By now we know Trav B Ryan has a penchant for lyrical ambition. The verses will never disappoint. Neither do the currents of the instrumentals, perfectly produced to make sure the beat doesn’t engulf his prose. If Aquarius Be Like… has been the track that has stolen streaming bragging rights, this might be next. It has the suave and the delivery to do so.

Trav B Ryan has a fantastic series of admirable songs based on women. With every track that he successfully puts out, he makes another chip on his shoulder. Something that people can see, because he won’t brag about it. He’s grown considerably in his creative ability to create flow, and we’re always excited to hear some of his music. To know how his lyrics roll off vivid imagery, listen to Taurus Woman or the severely underrated Through The Darkness.

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