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Aza Brown-For Real?
Aza Brown-For Real?
Aza Brown-For Real?

Aza Brown-For Real? | Stage shaker

Aza Brown has the soul of The Verve and the joy and energy of Elton John. This statement is not unfounded, it is my genuine belief he loves the music he makes more than anything. With soulful instruments churning elixir in the background, he uses his mellow vocals for some of the most interesting lyrics I have heard this year. This is his single, For Real?

There is a thematic connect between the singles he has released since 2021. With an interesting artwork series on stained glass, he’s built his own church of music. From the soft, Beatle’s vibe of The Way That I Roll (self-evident given the artwork) to the cinematic crescendos that grace his hit track Pure Water, Aza Brown is forever exploring. His fans are in for a treat every time, for no two songs will have the same theme. A new gem resonating from deep within the chest.

With the tubas and wind section giving a solid spine to For Real?, Aza Brown has conducted and arranged this song for something that might be an electric live show. Each instrument adds another layer of depth and delight, and the key change was more than inviting. It can give you goosebumps if you’re as much in the zone as I was. And yes, please respect the art and wear headphones, so that you can feel your skin tingle with excitement. I can assure you, Aza Brown is for real.

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