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Roisin O'Hagan-Sunset Valley
Roisin O'Hagan-Sunset Valley
Roisin O'Hagan-Sunset Valley

Roisin O’Hagan-Sunset Valley | In the heart of hearts

You might know her from the success of her single, Us, but Roisin O’Hagan always has several tricks up her sleeve. Slinking through genres like a chameleon, she finds success in finding an individualistic, unique sound on the track she has worked on. Releasing a rare gem every time she pops up on Spotify with a single, here is Sunset Valley.

California rock seems to be a long time ago. Surf rock faded, the Beach Boys wrapped up quite some time ago. Roisin O’ Hagan professes her love for the valley and the golden sunshine. As it caresses the many undulations of the horizon that she sets her eyes on, her voice drapes over this smooth rock track just as easy, Harmonics in the chorus sound phenomenal, not just the performance, but the mixing and overall production as well.

Compared to her incipience in the music scene with Blue & Grey. Roisin seems to have made milestones in being a creator. Her vocal range is solidified to a powerful yet melodic overtone. The instrumentals she chooses not only match her personality, but challenger her to create something more, unique and undefined by other songs she has made. Her resolve as a musician is commendable. We hope she’s having that glass of fine wine in sunset valley.

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