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Kabelle’s Wish You The Best
Kabelle’s Wish You The Best
Kabelle - Wish You The Best

Kabelle’s Wish You the Best Is a Fine Example of How to Cover an Original Song in a Completely Different Way Without Losing Originality

Sometimes, a different rendition of a song seems just as good as the original track, if not better. Well, the latest single by Kabelle, Wish You The Best, is a similar kind of song. It is a cover version of the original song that goes by the same name, the artist of which is Lewis Capaldi. But before we get into how this cover version impacts the listeners, let us know a bit about Kabelle.

A brainchild of solo singer-songwriter Katie Jones, Kabelle started off by collaborating with different artists on several features. It was initially intended to be a group project and it finally happened during the Covid-19 pandemic when Katie met Adam Gordon, a prolific music producer and artist. Until then, Katie herself collaborated with other artists and released songs under the title of this project.

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A different execution of a song but with the addition of more life and beautiful sonic colours!

Wish You The Best, Kabelle’s latest single, as mentioned above is the cover of a track of the same name by Lewis Capaldi. Besides the fact that this cover version gives the song a whole new outlook with the addition of beautiful synth elements, Katie’s voice deserves special mention.

The sweet, soul-pleasing voice simply adds more to the beauty of this version of the song and listeners are sure to fall in love with the song in an instant. Moreover, the synths bring about a different atmosphere to the whole concept of the song and if you listen to the original one and this version back to back, you will definitely find a striking difference in the vibe regardless of the concept remaining similar musically.

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So, we suggest you immediately check out this amazing cover of Wish You The Best by Kabelle because we are sure you will love it. You can listen to the track here:

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