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Romy Croft - The XX
Romy Croft - The XX

Stream: Romy Croft of The XX Fame’s Debut Solo Album: Mid Air – A Tribute to LGBTQ+

Romy has taken a bold step away from her role in The xx by introducing her inaugural solo album, titled “Mid Air,” which has been officially released via Young.

Similar to the solo endeavors of other members from The xx, “Mid Air” takes the form of a dance-oriented album. Romy collaborated with acclaimed producers Fred Again.., Stuart Price, and fellow xx bandmate Jamie xx on this project. A press release characterizes the album as a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant world of queer clubs. Describing the record as a ‘love letter’ to the LGBTQIA community.

Remarkably, amidst its 11 tracks, “Mid Air” delves into profound themes such as grief and self-identity. Romy herself describes the album as a compilation of “emotionally charged music designed for the dance floor.”

Mid Air is a “love letter” to queer clubs from The XX Singer

The album commences with its lead single, “Loveher,” which was the inaugural composition conceived for this endeavor. This upbeat, queer love anthem carries a heartwarming backstory. After Romy and Fred again.. were brought together to write songs for other artists, they pondered on the recipient for this creation. Romy hesitantly proposed, “Maybe me?” The project’s genesis then commenced in earnest.

Furthermore, the album boasts other singles such as “Strong” and “Enjoy Your Life,” in addition to the eponymous track featuring the presence of the esteemed queer jazz luminary Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

You can now access “Mid Air” via Apple Music or Spotify, ensuring an immersive auditory experience.

Furthermore, for enthusiasts of physical copies, pre-orders for “Mid Air” continue to be available. Romy will support the release with a tour across Europe throughout the summer. Fans of The XX would find a spot of familiar comfort with an edgy twist to their musical direction with Romy’s latest effort.

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