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john tibbits - everything in the wrong place
john tibbits - everything in the wrong place

“Everything in the Wrong Place”  By John Tibbits Is a Rock Masterpiece That Talks About Creative Struggles

John Tibbits grew up in South Birmingham, specifically Northfield, and comes from a musical family. His songwriting journey began when he was 14 years old. After four years working in a white-collar job in London, John’s songs reflect the everyday intricacies of working life, as well as themes of romance, political cynicism, and his enduring passion for music. What distinguishes John is his unique music, which smoothly combines aspects of the past and contemporary. He is inspired by musicians such as Frank Turner, Declan O’Rourke, Radiohead, and Bob Dylan. John skillfully combines folk foundations with alternative music nuances, resulting in a sound that is definitely his own.

John Tibbits has released a new single, “Everything in the Wrong Place.” The song begins with vocals that make you feel like you’re listening to the song on the radio at a low volume and quickly becomes more evident as if you’re watching John perform live. The song has been inspired by both country and rock music, with the guitar work lending a unique country flavor and the percussion beats adding a rock vibe.

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One of the track’s most notable aspects is the outstanding use of electric guitar, which elevates the music to new heights of brilliance. Throughout the song, there is an undercurrent of emotional depth, which is effectively portrayed by John’s honest and impassioned vocal delivery. Lyrically, the song dives into the usual scenario of experiencing writer’s block and creative barriers, which many people can relate to.

The music progressively rises to a dramatic climax,  heightening the overall effect of the production and luring you into bopping your head along to the thumping beats.

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Enjoy listening to “Everything in the Wrong Place” by John Tibbits here.

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