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Grace and Moji’s Tipping Point
Grace and Moji’s Tipping Point
Grace and Moji - Tipping Point

Grace and Moji’s Tipping Point Is a Beautiful Folk-Pop Track That Portrays the Ups and Downs We All Face When in Love

Get ready to immerse yourself in the sonic beauty of the latest single by Grace and Moji, Tipping Point. The song will surely make you feel a bit too much in love right from the beginning. Basing out of Los Angeles, Grace and Moji is a duo comprising prolific singer and classical piano player Grace Hong and an award-winning, platinum-level music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Martin Wave. Together, these two mindblowing artists create music that touches the souls of the listeners through sweet melodies and heart-touching lyrics.

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Tipping Point, Grace and Moji‘s latest single is a beautiful song and it portrays the amazing musical and creative compatibility of the two artists. It is sort of an acoustic folk-pop arrangement where the listeners get to experience the ups and downs of life while being in love or to be precise, in a relationship. The song starts with a softly picked acoustic guitar and both the male and the female voices somehow narrate their shared experiences one by one before they join each other together in the chorus. Besides the fact that the musical elements work just perfect towards shaping the sonic atmosphere of the song, the voices of the vocalists add more to its beauty. Therefore, the overall composition is certainly going to fill your souls with sheer bliss.

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