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Bitch in Disguise Ben Konarov
Bitch in Disguise Ben Konarov

“Bitch in Disguise”: Australian Songwriter Ben Konarov Delivers Gritty Blues

Australian songwriter Ben Konarov has been writing lyrics since 2002 and in his latest release “Bitch In Disguise,” he showcases his talent as a seasoned lyricist. The blues rock song is a gritty and powerful track that immediately grabs your attention. The vocals of Clay Collins are particularly impressive – with personality, power, and character shining through his delivery.

The song structure is in the standard 12 bar blues, showcasing composer and producer Gary Cubberley’s ability to create a classic sound that is unmistakably bluesy. The multi-layered harmony-laden vocal production on “Bitch In Disguise” is a standout feature, with each layer adding depth and texture to the overall sound. The combination of Collins’ vocals, Konarov’s lyrics and Cubberley’s production make for a well-rounded and polished track.

“Bitch In Disguise” by Ben Konarov is a classic blues rock track that showcases the pedigree of each of the artists involved. Konarov proves his prowess as a lyricist, crafting a song that is both relatable and catchy. Cubberley’s composition and production are spot-on, capturing the essence of the blues and delivering a sound that is both classic and contemporary. And Collins’ vocal delivery is simply outstanding – he imbues the lyrics with emotion and feeling that adds depth and meaning to the track.

Overall, this is a standout blues standard by Ben Konarov that will grab your attention and keep you listening. Its combination of a classic blues sound, well-crafted lyrics, and impeccable production make for a truly enjoyable listening experience. The track is a testament to both his talent and the power of collaboration, bringing together three talented artists to create a memorable and impressive track.

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