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Joshua Ketchmark – Ashes | Authentic

Country-rock artist Joshua Ketchmark has released his tenth studio album, Blood, following up on his 2021 album, ‘The Huntington Hotel.’ Based on true events from his past, Ketchmark produced and mixed the album himself, with all 12 tracks written by him between 2018 and 2019. The recording process started in 2020 and took place in various studios across California, Arizona, Georgia, and Tennessee.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Ashes,” a poignant song that showcases Ketchmark’s songwriting and vocals. The song begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar sound that sets the emotional tone for Ketchmark’s introspective journey. In the verses, Ketchmark sings about life, loss, and love, and the chorus is uplifting and emotive at the same time. Ketchmark’s lyrics encourage listeners to rise from the ashes after all bridges are burned, a message that resonates with many.

The instrumentation on “Ashes” is authentic country, with a fresh and classic sound that blends well with Ketchmark’s vocals. The piano melodies and guitar slides add depth and texture to the steady beat, making the song a pleasure to listen to.

Blood is a true reflection of Ketchmark’s musicianship, with the album featuring appearances by several talented musicians, including drummer Zak St. John, bassist Ger Hoffman, and guitar played by Sadler Vaden. Ketchmark’s attention to detail can be seen in the instruments used on the album, with Michael Webb playing most of the piano and organ, Tony Paoletta contributing lap steel, and Nick Nguyen adding banjo and viola. The top-notch mastering of Blood was done by Michael Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA.

Overall, Joshua Ketchmark’s Blood is a testament to his musical ability, and “Ashes” is an excellent example of his songwriting and vocal talents. The album is a must-listen for fans of country and folk music, and Ketchmark’s storytelling will have listeners hooked from beginning to end.

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