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Study of Us-Still Alive
Study of Us-Still Alive
Study of Us-Still Alive

Still Alive: Suffolk based alt-rock act Study of Us takes us through breakneck speeds

You might have had a dull day, and here’s the antidote. The carrier is Study of Us, an alt-rock  one-man band from Suffolk. Usually, the prescription would be all his medicine, but you should have already had a course. This is his energetic new single, Still Alive. I emphasize on the word energetic here, because it’s a theme with him. 

Usually, a band’s energy is unbeatable. They carry a certain etching on the mantle, and people crowd to see them. If the whole band can be produced by one great musician, you’d go for it, money’s worth and all. That is what Study of Us sounds like. With a booming synth background, we get punk rock-cocaine high level energy with electric elements interspersed with a healthy serving. The distorted synth plays an immense role in defining the energy, almost recreating a hardcore punk band wrecking the stage. You’d want your helmet for the kind of digital mosh pit that a song like this would beckon. You can really feel the vibration, even in the instrumental parts, which tease what is coming next. Double bass parts and distorted phases and arpeggios take you through a journey in a sci-fi rock reverie. Nothing like what you’ve heard before. 

Study of Us closes that one with a screaming boom that is more than a wake-up call. This artist is a refreshing drink of 70s coke. Songs like Doomscrolling and Written in the Headlines show what kind of magic he brings. Listen to his single to own your next party:

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