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Wolfchmidt -Suffocated
Wolfchmidt -Suffocated
Wolfchmidt -Suffocated

Wolfschmidt punch a hole in silence with their rock single, “Suffocated”

Wolfschmidt make you feel young again with their breed of rock. Often times, you hear the same kind of riffs and melody dominate songs, that get airplay. This band takes it to the drawing board, to make some of the most unique tracks you’ll ever hear. This one is deemed to be an alt-rock classic eventually. Their single is called Suffocated.

Rather than a build, they slice right in. The rhythm is an addictive guitar wall, just moving through chords like the curtain of sound they are. Pummelling the drums, the beat is a unique attack with more snare, and better fills. Rather than choose a 4/4, this beat gives the song the zeal it has. As the vocals take a more shoegaze genre approach, the drums tend to become the pulse of the song. You feel like you’re dazed, with opioids and caffeine in equal amounts. Like The Edge from U2, designing his guitar parts to have an immense flow of transition-the chorus calls us to another plane. Wolfschmidt have carried another song to this dimension we call reality, an electric performance full of zeal and passion. As the outro approaches, the vocals reach the higher peak. It is a song that is a definite add to your rock playlists. 

You might know them with tracks like You&I, Difficult Mind and Clever. With just 4 singles out, they have established that each song is the pinnacle of quality and enthusiasm. You’ll never hear a band like this, a signature and frequency so unique. Listen to their energy cell here:

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