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soft set - diamond
soft set - diamond

Soft Set – Diamond | Manic Prisms

Diamond by Soft Set is the 2nd single from the new album Still Life. The fast-paced, dark and brooding track was actually inspired by a true crime podcast. Soft Set is a Toronto shoegaze/indie rock duo, exploring the layered wall of sublime sound.

The song begins with an instrumental intro, complemented by dance beats. The repetitive rhythm pattern tunnels into the listener and causes the music to bounce and ping off the energetic beats. Starry vocals tear through the fabric of the music and sinks its teeth into it, glowing, grooving and glistening with prism colors. A neon musical trajectory reveals itself, growing and gnawing at the mind’s edge. The synth mixes and the arousing vocals is reminiscent of Tame Impala.

The musical intensity is amplified by the spacey harmonies and electric synths. The baritone vocals generate radio waves that reverberate through the sound and feeds the creative mind. With astronomical euphony and cosmic themes, the song is an outlander with a rebellious streak. Like an asteroid that is cast away, the synths are uninhibited and turbulent as they engender, enrich, entwine and excite the vocals.

The translucent vocals challenges the cryptic synths to a dance-off; occasioning a manic delirium that is wild and free, primal and raw, rogue and dangerous.

Diamond by Soft Set is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and other digital retailers and streaming services.

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