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gina williams - touch down
gina williams - touch down

Gina Williams – Touch Down | Cultured Beats

Using her sound to narrate her story, culture and life experiences, Gina Williams album, Touch Down gives an insight to the artist’s optimistic and romantic outlook on life. A staunch believer in the transformative power of love and music, Williams uses dance beats, grooving bass and synth melody tangents to populate her empowering messages.

Touch Down starts off the album with an upbeat and catchy rhythm. With a flowing background synth, the lyrics serenade the people in our lives who lifts us up and makes us laugh when we’re feeling low. The artist’s vocals leads the song and shapes it to fit the song’s vibe. What’ya Offering‘ continues the album with its eccentric rhythm and vocals. With folk beats and vocals at the heart of it, the song is infused with culture and character. We also see bass beats and guitar fused with the folk elements of the song.

In My Life continues the album and carries an enticing quality to it with the short beats and rhythm cycles. The artist alternates vocal deliveries and lyrical accents to add African and East-Indian dimensions to it. With a fun beat, the song induces the listener to sway and move with it. Here for Ya starts off with an urgent synth groove that continues throughout the song. With echoing synth details, the artist creates a shuffling dance energy. We also see a beautiful melody arc towards the end of the song that adds a distinct zing to the song altogether.

With constant musical surprises, the album continues with Do It Betta! The song carries an irrepressible dance energy. The song infuses optimism through the movement it incites. With electronic bass beats, dance beats and energetic vocals the song is great to groove to. Can’t Go for That is a song spells out the struggle of the protagonist between choosing her self-worth and destructive choices. The bass roams all over the song, winding the rhythms with twines of whimsy.

Boom Boom is a total carnival song with happy rhythms and cheery vocals. Sprouting up delightful images of breakfast mimosas, Hawaiian leis and spontaneous beach dancing, the song is very carefree and joyous. “My heart goes Boom Boom” is the perfect way to describe the song. Dangerous lines up next with tumbling beat grooves, subtle harmony tangents, trumpet details and some fun pop-rock. Like What’ya Offering‘, the song sports a folk-EDM fusion.

Laidback is the penultimate song of the album. With a focus on the vocals, the song shows off the artist’s vocal strength and range. Complemented by signature upbeat groove, the song is merry and fun. Fine is the perfect last song of the album. With flighty synth melodies punctuating the song, its so much fun to dance to it’s beats.

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