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Noah Solt – Let’s Make A Fire | Heartfelt/Uplifting

Boston, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter Noah Solt was studying in the prestigious Berklee College of Music before the pandemic took over and as a result, he was unable to continue. At the time, he probably didn’t realize that the event would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for him. Noah ended up turning to the ocean, travelling the world, and writing his debut single ‘Let’s Make A Fire‘ which he released at the start of the year.

Right from the start of the track, there’s a very professional, vibrant sound that comes from all the instruments. The guitars are just beautiful and play excellently with the soft drum groove in the first verse. Noah’s flawless vocal performance shines through the clean mix as he sings a nostalgic chorus accompanied by lush harmonies. Recording artists Cody Voh Lehmden and Oscar Compo have sure done a fantastic job making the magic happen with Noah here!

“All of my life I’ve been looking for some kind of someone/Somebody real who can burn just as brightly as I/All of my life /I’ve been looking for some kind of someone/And now that you’re here I don’t know what to do with our time

His unique composition style is well showcased in this song, along with its engaging beats and poetic lyrics. Noah’s masterful writing skills make him an artist that will soon be making waves in the scene! With his latest extravagant and heartfelt piece, it sure does seem that Noah Solt will be headlining stages soon.

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