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Mehmet Akbal-The Cure (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Mehmet Akbal-The Cure (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Mehmet Akbal-The Cure (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mehmet Akbal-The Cure (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Through the silence, it speaks

Mehmet Akbal is a music producer/audio engineer/composer and artist, who has worked on this fantastic short film. The Cure is a film about a blind painter who roams in search for answers and certainty. To make these revelatory themes feel more genuine, Mehmet has created a powerful soundtrack that navigates through the mind of the protagonist.

The album begins with a single, On the Path-which is the route the protagonist takes. Overlapping layers of the physical and mental unraveling that will follow, it is a tense build using the keys and a clicking metronome. This is a famous technique popularised by Hans Zimmer, where the clicking sound helps stress on the moment itself. Simple strings sustain a note otherwise, imploring that the character’s movement are more essential.

A glimmer of hope is sounded through the second track,The Cure. It experiments with some bass and overlapping keys that flow effortlessly into synths. Not only does this build suspense, but a healthy dose of curiosity for what might be happening on screen in lieu with the artists.

Speaking through sound

The Light combines elements of On the Path with its own progression to create something dramatic. As explained by the composer, this is what acts as a moment for the love interests in the film. There is a moment of binding, of understanding that comes from the confluence of these sounds and phrasings. It is also the emotional closer for the film, so doubles to be a hopeful sound of reason.

A Dark Hope is the extended standalone version of the protagonist’s theme. It creates a complex pattern with the infusion of strings. This makes a beautiful webbed expression of what was previously shown in fewer dimensions. It unfolds eventually into this cascading sound of flowing strings, creating a detailed look at the main character without any words.

Another bonus on the album is Mehmet Akbal releasing Mehmet’s The Cure Sketchbook. Though it is the final track, we realise it is also the most important., layering moments that have expanded into whatever the other themes have become. This track has Mehmet Akbal producing the notion of what the entire gripping sonic visual of this film might be, with many hidden moments of musical experimentation.

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