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CHANDLER – In the Movies | Contemporary Minds

CHANDLER, an Alabama-based singer and composer, just released a new song called “In the Movies“.  The song touches on so many complex emotions in today’s world that we all think about on a regular basis. The writer brilliantly ponders how time is passing so quickly and how life has been affected by these changes. The song sounds genuine, and the writing has such profound truths that would immediately relate with the contemporary age. The complexities and insecurities are clearly expressed without hesitation, which I believe is really commendable. The music has the ability to transport us to a place where we are entirely absorbed. The overall atmosphere has the potential to keep us engrossed in the narrative.

The song’s incredibly enticing guitar tone would definitely draw in all of the listeners. Because of the good writing, we become more connected with the song as it progresses. In reality, the structure is extremely fluid and flows seamlessly between the parts. The voice texture is extremely pleasant, grabbing new listeners’ interest. Another element that contributes significantly to the intensity is the vocal harmonies. The groove is yet another really strong and powerful component. The beat just glides through the lines and then explodes in the chorus, making its presence felt. When such a variety of layers are paired with good writing and delivery, I am confident that the audience will be thoroughly pleased.

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