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Anton Commissaris – Life Is for Livin’ | Hopeful

Anton Commissaris, a music composer, pianist, and vocalist based in San Francisco, just released “Life Is for Livin’“, the first song from his new EP “Awakening Sounds”.  While listening to the composition, I couldn’t help but smile. The writing is so full of positive thinking and attitude that it will certainly bring out the best in you. The phrases energise us and make us think about how to think positively and enjoy life to the fullest without fear or anxiety. This encourages us to search for brightness and enjoy the day rather than be concerned about the dismal skies and dark evenings. The spirit of the song would compel listeners to stick with it all the way through.

The songwriting is also carried out in a seamless manner by the arranging. I adored the atmosphere, which is so well-crafted and contains so many subtle components that will keep us curious. I adored the modulations, which went across the components in a fluid and uncomplicated manner. I liked how the piano, drums, and bass keep the song’s pulse strong, and the parts are so beautifully composed that they truly add to the atmosphere. The progression and improvisations are in perfect sync and never detract from the song’s overall mood, which is simply extraordinary. The vocal performance is really excellent. The performance would truly captivate the audience and stick with them since it had so much clarity and the right energy.

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