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Dax-God's Eyes
Dax-God's Eyes
Dax-God's Eyes

Dax turns to hip-hop haven with his latest incredible single, “God’s Eyes.”

Few artists have reinvented themselves like Dax. Coming from a different place, he has taken a journey from a low point to one of the highest in his career. Embracing positivity, change and God, there is nothing that can stop his creativity burgeoning this way. From Dear God, JOKER and Dear Alcohol, his personal experiences have dictated his audiences to be thoroughly impressed with him. This is his latest single, God’s Eyes. 

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Dax writes with a touch of heaven

Soothing, beautiful instrumentals along with contrasts make this track a masterpiece. Once again, Dax stands at a place of vulnerability, while professing his love for the lord. As the Devil destroys us, whittles us into vessels of hate, Dax speaks of the contrast he might wish to see. His bars are specific, aimed at betterment and positive change, trying to structure society rather than obliterate existence. Percussion is aimed at creating a sense of awesome flow, something this artist owns with ease. The autotune sets a frequency to his voice you can immediately recognise now. Unadulterated, thoughtful and faithful-his loyalty to the Lord cannot be questioned with a song like this. As a singer, he has improved his vocal dynamic to include some incredible highs and vibratos that can be clearly heard. 

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All his singles are streaming incredibly well, given his path and growth. There has been no change to an indie artist in this magnitude, and it is something to admire and learn from. Listen to his killer single here and follow him for more powerful, strong music that will give you direction:

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