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Mal Hombre-Take That Gun
Mal Hombre-Take That Gun
Mal Hombre-Take That Gun

Mal Hombre-Take That Gun | Explode

Remember the comparatively violent 90’s when garage rock bands dominated the scene and burned national flags on stage and stuff? Might sound pessimistic, but I miss those days. The years of unbridled stoner rock energy and the fury of nu-metal that made Woodstock a name to fear. Mal Hombre promises us some parts of those crazy years with Take That Gun.

Whipping together a filthy sludge of QOTSA, RATM, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard and Clutch, Mal Hombre doesn’t want to reinvent the game or any other mainstream, whiny opportunity. He wants to remind you to rock without a care in the world, when there is so much to care for. As that cloying need dissipates, you need to let some steam out and what better than some aggression of grunge?

With the heat of a branding iron, Mal Hombre rides on steel stallions with a riff fit for a sludge king. It reminds me of Slash’s passion project, Velvet Revolver featuring the genius of Tom Morello. The song escalates quicker than cocaine up Ozzy’s nose to a blistering pace where you can feel the instruments within your veins. I almost lost my neck like a ball and socket joint at that 2:56 section where the song gets heavier than that moment in Hachiko.

All things considered, the rock gods will scorn me for criticizing what can only be the title track of a demolition mixtape. Listen to Take That Gun here:

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