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“Lightning” in a morning cup of coffee: Near Death Experience (NDX) with “Lightning”

As a sound engineer and music producer, I have the pleasure of delving into the world of NDX, the ‘Psychedelic Rock’n’Soul Superheroes’ hailing from Ealing, London. Their latest release, “Lightning,” talks about their ability to seamlessly blend country pop with classic rock elements, resulting in an upbeat and infectious song that leaves listeners feeling uplifted and joyous. Keep reading for my thoughts!

NDX’s journey in the music scene has been nothing short of remarkable. From their powerful and emotive live performances to their shimmering psyche-tinged rock’n’ soul sound, they have captivated audiences and garnered acclaim since their formation in 2016. With a series of successful singles during the pandemic and their triumphant return to the London live circuit, NDX has continued to evolve and amaze. “Lightning” is a testament to their growth and musical prowess, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their upcoming album planned for 2023.

Credit the twangy, bendy guitars, for “Lightning” exudes a sense of energy and excitement with quirks that are undeniably the signature of NDX as a band. The song’s jovial and positive mood is evident from start to finish, creating an atmosphere that is nigh on herculean to resist. NDX’s ability to infuse elements of country pop with classic rock sensibilities is a shining example of their musical versatility and creativity.

I was left thoroughly impressed by the attention to detail and the balance achieved in this mix. Each instrument has its rightful place in the soundstage, creating a rich, layered blend that is a delight to the ears. I know I sound like I’m describing coffee, but stick with me here; the bass riffs throughout the song add a layer of depth and groove, driving the rhythm and providing a solid foundation for the infectious melodies. Delicious cup of coffee much already?

I loved listening to “Lightning”– check out the song here!

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