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Enter Liv Crash’s ‘Wonderland’: A Journey of Passion, and Sensuous Delight

Introducing the incredible Milan-born artist Liv Crash! With a deep love for music, Liv creates a seductive fusion of jazz, funk, and rock influences that will leave you wanting more. He is a great guitarist and songwriter. The great Dave Murray served as Liv’s musical inspiration as he set out on his musical adventure, which led him to pick the same iconic black and white American Fender Stratocaster as his hero. Liv Crash expertly creates music with a clear theme thanks to his unwavering interest in playing guitar and a wide range of influences, including David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Pat Martino, Cory Wong, and Scott Henderson.

Liv Crash has come up with his latest single, “Wonderland,” a delightful addition to his debut album, “Cause Even In This Album,” set to be released on the 7th of July, 2023.

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Upon first listening to the song, what struck me immediately was the exquisite and heartfelt guitar work. It carried a touch of romance with its slow, sultry riffs. The accompanying drum beats added a breezy rhythm to the mix, while Liv Crash’s vocals resonated with passion and clarity. Together, these elements harmonized beautifully, creating a dreamy composition. I could sense a fusion of jazz and blues, just perfect! It became apparent that this track was ideal for those moments when you desire to unwind after a long day, perhaps with a glass of wine in hand, swaying gently to its captivating melody.

As the song progressed, a top-notch guitar solo emerged and left me smiling with sheer delight. It was evident that Liv Crash poured his heart and soul into this performance, relishing every moment. The addition of the female chorus further enhanced the song’s allure, lending an exquisite touch to the overall beauty. The whole experience was sensuous and utterly relaxing, so much so that I lost track of time, only realizing afterward that the song had graciously graced my ears for nearly five minutes. Truly, a great job by Liv Crash, and I can vouch that this song definitely takes you on a trip to “Wonderland.”

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Enjoy listening to “Wonderland” by Liv Crash here.

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