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Richard Maxwell-The Weight of the Moment
Richard Maxwell-The Weight of the Moment
Richard Maxwell-The Weight of the Moment

Richard Maxwell creates genre fusing magic with his EP, “The Weight of the Moment.”

Richard Maxwell brings moments together with his inventive instrumental music. There is a common thread, an emotional connect to be found within his songs and attempt to make them such cohesive elements. With his latest EP, he threads them effortlessly for a garland of sound. This is his latest release, The Weight of the Moment. 

Many of us don’t realise the weight of the moment, for we are caught up in another. Richard Maxwell uses electronic elements with simple melodies. These are stories you might have been told, but the words are missing. The essence is kept intact. A Slower Burn uses a piano lead with some flowing, oceanic synth periods. There is an instant switch to a prog-rock setting-guitars and leads creating a web that inspires.

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Richard Maxwell weaves instrumental masterpieces

Open Letters in Closed Hands is the rock swing you need to change the tempo of your day. Richard Maxwell sounds like Rush, Boston and Chicago-while having his own edge on the music. These are melodies that laser themselves into your consciousness. 

Seven Dances (With 10) brings an odd time riff to life, and what a life it is. You’re engrossed at what will develop, and the melodies are sparse. They ask you to really feel what the core emotion behind the song might be. Oriental sounds are teased, and choir voices provide harmonics. 

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Darker Lights enters the synthwave space, but ventures only to find treasure. The bass and guitar work are teased, before having a Simple Minds like attack. Start From Where You Are is a live, improvised version. This makes the song even more exciting to listen to, the melodies being arrived at by fate or chance. It makes for one of the more engrossing numbers of the EP. 

Richard Maxwell has put across his releases from the year on one EP. They show how talented he is as a songwriter, and how much can be said without words. Follow him for more music like this, and listen to his EP here:

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