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Abisso – Son of Abyss | Journey through fear

Ive said this before and I say it again, music has immense power. The power to create worlds and teleport listeners to them. A tool that transcends the concepts of space and time. A form of art that gives rise to images in a person’s head rather than a canvas. To be able to wield such a tool is not only a privilege but also a responsibility. There are many things you can create with music. You can change the mood and even influence the thought process of the listener. Abisso is a project that focuses on taking a listener on a journey through their deepest, darkest fear. A walk into the forests with Slenderman.

Abisso is an Italian artistic due comprising of EryaV and D’avy. Their music is cinematic yet musical. A weird combination of ethereal piano keys and dark atmospheres that gives rise to a complex style that just feels scarier than anything Ive heard before. The ability to teleport listeners to this space is amazing and that what sets them apart from other artists today. The real experimental ‘avant-garde’ duo that seem to be exploring the many realms that you can create with sound.

The track starts off with some intense atmosphere sweeps that sounds like thunder once I listen closely. A dark rainy night with thunder rumbling in the skies as you make your way toward your cabin in the woods. Slowly, another layer of atmosphere is added to give a little more direction. A sound similar to the meditating bowls to add an effect of eeriness that goes perfectly well with the keys being played. As the piano sets in, the mood changes. Its foreboding something! Just then you hear the heavy breathing! Shit I almost looked back to check if something was creeping up on me. What an intense experience! As the breathing intensifies, the piano returns now to solidify the experience in your head.

The ‘Son of Abyss’ is an exceptional musical journey through darkness and fear. I absolutely love works like this as they are profound and show the listener exactly what the artist is trying to achieve. Even though you read this and understand what the music is about, I can guarantee it will take you by surprise. Amazing sampling and a masterful mix are the secret behind this gem of a track.

To top it all off, the artwork gives me goosebumps and sets the mood for the track. A breathtaking journey through fear and darkness! This track makes me want to sit quietly and hope whatever is breathing around me doesn’t notice my presence.

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