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Marina Bennett – Lose My Mind | Seamless

Vancouver BC, Canada based Marina Bennett, a singer-songwriter, just released a new song called “Lose My Mind,” which is exhilarating and beautiful. The rhythm provides a great foundation for the track’s flow, which is fantastic. I really liked how this R&B flavour incorporates delicate classical elements that bring such vibrant colours to the tune. The writing is so well-integrated with the whole feel. The ad-libs are spot on and flow well between the verses, making it a fascinating affair to follow. The voice timbre also readily fits into the ambiance. The delivery is so precise that it produces seamless transitions between parts and builds to an intriguing synth lead solo that amps up the excitement level tremendously. The atmosphere is positive and energising.

The chords made all the difference for me, and they truly established the tone for the song. The chord extensions were creative and obtained the wonderful vibrations and kindled the track’s gorgeous colours and dynamics. The production aspects that emerged throughout the course flowed smoothly through the piece. The groove is the best part of the song since it includes dynamics and intriguing percussive pieces that create a lot of excitement. The syncopated percussions keep the spirits high and give the song a lot of drive. The atmosphere is very great and would appeal to a wide range of listeners across genres. Every aspect has the refinement, from the progression to the electronic textures to the writing.

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