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Michael Donoghue- Fractals | Fall into a deep trance

Electronic musician Michael Donoghue is from Jersey. His experimental electronic music is influenced by a variety of musical styles, such as ambient electro, downtempo, techno, and IDM. Under the alias Cosmosapien, he started writing music in 2017 and has since released a number of singles and EPs. In 2020, Donoghue began issuing music under his true name, stepping out from behind his false ego. Since then, he has released many songs, an EP, and his debut album, putting him on the radar of several independent radio stations and bloggers. All of Michael’s songs have been supported by BBC Music Introducing in the Channel Islands.

Michael has released a new album “Fractals” with 8 songs. Themes of time, space and infinity are prevalent in “Fractals,” as they are throughout Donoghue’s music.

The opening track is “Black Tide.” The incredible use of basslines, synths, and other harmonic components progressively and even synchronously brings forth elegance in richness, taking you on a meditative state.

“Mantis” is a track that is much more about the vibe and feeling you get when listening to it. It’s an instrumental track with lots of basslines and sound effects, all of which make it feel like the perfect song to get in your head and just float away.

“Apolemia” is one of those songs that just gets you. It starts off mellow, but then the beat kicks in with more musical layers. The repetitive nature of the musical arrangements is what really does it for me – it’s like being transported to another world entirely. Whether you’re actually in space or just lost in the music, “Apolemia” is sure to take you on a journey.

If you’re looking for a song that will leave you feeling both mystified and intense, “Vertigo” is the one for you. With its mix of robotic and organic elements, this track creates a unique and alluring soundscape. And, as the only song on the album with lyrics, “Vertigo” also has a bit of an enigmatic quality that will leave you wanting to hear it again and again.

“Last Thursdayism” is a song that perfectly captures the sense that time is of the essence. There is a sense of urgency and tension the song oozes out – so much so that it makes you want to keep listening.

The song “Inner Space” stands in stark contrast to the one before it. It offers a soothing, meditative soundscape that genuinely helps you relax. It gives you the impression that you are moving through clouds as you head out of the shadows and toward the light.

“Fractals” opens with an almost ethereal melody which slowly builds into a flurry of notes that reveal themselves over time. The song begins with a simple, repetitive pattern, but it quickly becomes more complex as the song progresses. It’s as if Donoghue is trying to trick us into thinking that he’s just playing a simple melody, when in fact he has created something much more intricate and beautiful.

“Magnolia Dusk” reminds me of something I’d hear in a forest at night, while the wind is rushing through the trees and leaves rustling as they move in the breeze.  This song has become one of my favorite songs of all time—it has so many layers of meaning and beauty. This is a great song for anyone who wants to relax or refresh their mind.

The entire album by Michael is done so masterfully that I was absolutely blown away. The way he was able to put together such a great album is a testament to his talent and his dedication to his art. If you’re looking for an album that will touch your soul, look no further than Michael Donoghue’s latest release.

Enjoy listening to Fractals here.

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