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Love Ghost-Veneno
Love Ghost-Veneno
Love Ghost-Veneno

Love Ghost and Blnko deliver pop punk monster single, “Veneno”

Love Ghost have always resonated with the voice of the generation. Their lyrics are honest, connected and music full of experimentation. With what they have made, there has been an irrevocable bond with their listeners. A staunch support of fans echoes their lyrics in every concert, and they have shot to the top with only their music. This is their latest single with Blnko, Veneno.

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Love Ghost have a soft spot for punk and pop punk. Though they choose the music of the street to connect, it has a massive impact on their listeners. Simple and soulful lyrics bind everyone together, creating a wave of energy that is unmatched. With Veneno, the guitars echo through, while verses are traded between Blnko and this talented band. A short and sweet track, it gets to the poetry and uses the allegory of a virus and the antidote. It is about self-healing, approaching self-love and being in connect with these emotions.

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Love Ghost and pop punk paradise

Chords and progressions are kept relatively simple, the energy being channelled with the melody and the arrangement alone. Love Ghost keep up their habit of doing constant artist collaborations, something fruitful from each of them. Blnko shines with this genre as well, a match made in heaven.

Though Love Ghost’s track Closure is their most popular, Pulp, Chains and Fade Away are some listener favourites. Blnko has had hits like No Me Dejes Así and Sexo 2 among many others. Listen to these incredible artists and follow them. This is their game-changer single:

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