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LittleFox-Ghost In The House
LittleFox-Ghost In The House

From Joyful Beginnings to Reflective Endings: LittleFox’s ‘Ghost In The House’ EP Chronicles the Human Experience

Introducing Alison Jenkins, best known by her stage name LittleFox, is a gifted musician with a decade-long musical career. She is a composer, music director, and fascinating live theatre performer from the dynamic city of Vancouver, British Columbia. LittleFox’s extraordinary abilities as a session guitarist and vocalist have graced the recordings of notable musicians such as Pennan Brae, D.G. Adams, and Keven House. Previously, she played in bands like Something About Reptiles, Zeellia, and the Rogue Crows. This year, however, represents an exciting new chapter in her career as she begins on a solo journey as a songwriter and performer, venturing into unexplored territory and crafting amazing music.

LittleFox has come up with a new EP ”Ghost In The House” with 5 songs.

The EP kicks off with the enchanting track “Magpie Heart,” and from the moment it started one word came to mind: joy. This song radiates warmth in the most beautiful way, making it the perfect opening for the EP.

The song is transformed into a masterpiece with just two components—the astounding banjo performance and LittleFox’s raw, emotional, and completely fascinating vocals. She sounded genuinely happy, and I could tell she was having a blast while she recorded her work of art. The chorus is wonderful, enticing you in with its contagious vibe. The banjo itself tells a story which adds to the amazement. My favourite lines are unquestionably, “Let’s get lost, Lost in the little things.” These words convey an important concept and inspire us to acknowledge the beauty that comes from life’s simple pleasures.

The EP’s second track is “Death Bloom.” It has a gloomy atmosphere.  The banjo work is slow and meticulous. The music has a calming effect that eases your mind. With an unmistakable sorrow ingrained in LittleFox’s vocals, it is a moving tribute to all the missing and murdered women. Her voice is deep and polished, reaching deep into the core of your being. 

The song’s lyrics are capable of evoking deep emotions in listeners. words like “Somebody’s sister, somebody’s daughter, We looked in the woods, we looked in the water, Faded sign, smiling face, But now you’re gone without a trace”carry immense weight and touch upon the tragedy of loss.

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The instrumental gem “Home Is Where You Are” brilliantly displays LittleFox’s exceptional skill as an instrumentalist. The song has a distinct folk sound that resonates with warmth and authenticity. It’s wonderful how the combination of ukulele and banjo can produce a composition that’s both joyful and exciting. I was awestruck.

The cherry on top for me was the surprise inclusion of an ambient chorus half way through the song. It felt like I was transported to the vivid and lively streets of a magnificent old city. The music paints a vivid picture of the vibrant colors and bustling energy.

“Thirsty” is an outstanding track that fully demonstrates LittleFox’s musical brilliance. Acoustic music has a serious feel to it, like you’re watching a mysterious movie. The song has similarities to Radical Face’s “Welcome Home.”  It captures an honest tone that resonates strongly.

This touching song emphasizes the desire for connection and the inability to let go despite feeling emotionally empty. It expresses an intense yearning for love and intimacy.  The bassline and riff work steals the show, giving the song a compelling depth. The addition of an ambient choir enhances the whole experience by engrossing the listener in the melody.

The EP concludes with the self-titled track “Ghost In The House.” This song explores themes of loneliness and alienation, as well as the yearning to break free and discover one’s voice in the middle of a chaotic world. It presents a thought-provoking look at an individual’s struggles and quests for purpose in their lives with its beautiful melody and reflective lyrics. The pitch variations and the deep emotions that permeate every word of LittleFox’s vocals are truly commendable. The guitar work takes its well-deserved spotlight, intertwining seamlessly with the vocals, creating a harmonious musical experience.

“Ghost In This House” serves as a fitting conclusion to the record, leaving yet another indelible mark as one of the EP’s highlights.

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Enjoy listening to “Ghost In This House” here.

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