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SOHPIE DOYLE RYDER – Hunni Hunni | Fun

“Hunni Hunni”, the latest single by rising Irish Pop artist, Sophie Doyle Ryder, is a fun and bop-worthy song with a catchy chorus and compelling melodies. Its dance-inducing rhythms and catchy beats are sure to appeal to Pop music lovers.

Sophie’s lyrics on the track give a light-hearted but joyous message in which she encourages us to live life to its fullest rather than be burdened by worry – “I don’t want to get into my head..”. Her vocal delivery emulates a hint of Dua Lipa in the way she sings the song boldly yet gracefully.

With upbeat electronic beats, a effect-heavy electric guitar and a couple of synths, “Hunni Hunni” has a nice mix of instruments and sounds that compliment each other and accompany the lyrics nicely. As well as providing a great balance overall, the song has also been impressively produced and puts Sophie’s singing on center stage. It is fair to say that the song has the potential to get some people on their feet in clubs considering that it has infectious and fun lyrics and melodies!

While not as energetic as Dua Lipa’s ”Levitating”, this trackis a lot more mellow in its tone and execution, giving a feeling of perpetual bliss and optimism. I think Sophie wanted to spread positivity through this song by letting go and basically saying – “don’t stress”, and she has done exactly that on her first track from her debut EP, “Hunni Hunni”.

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