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Martyn Scott – Lazy Days and Lullabies

Martyn Scott is a Singer-Songwriter who weaves magic into his music through his intricate musical sense, creating an everlasting vibe. You will surely love this artist if you love deep music blended with heartfelt melodies and lyrics. His discography is a rich display of seven singles and an album. This artist surely brings his emotions to life through his music. He is known for his ecstatic guitar melodies and riffs that are packed with innovations. Do give this amazing artist a go and trust me, you won’t regret it!

Martyn Scott recently released three singles named ‘Lazy Days and Lullabies’, ‘Insignificant’ and ‘Go Missing’ which are all so good that you will find yourself somewhere in space while listening to them. The track that caught my special attention was ‘Lazy Days and Lullabies’ which is a track that will take you to outer space. This track starts off with a mellow guitar melody where the drums kick in, bringing the vocals along. The drums are impactful and well-structured to complement the vibe of the track. The vocals are full of emotions and carry the track with beauty. ‘Lazy Days and Lullabies’ is a masterpiece that will make you sway side to side for sure. The way this track becomes so addictive and latches onto the tongue is remarkable. Do give this track a go if you love to listen to music that can make you groove and calm your soul at the same time. This is surely going into my personal playlist right away.

You can listen to the track ‘Lazy Days and Lullabies’ by Martyn Scott down here-

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