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Rob Lea - Freak
Rob Lea - Freak

Rob Lea – Freak | A Strategic Oddity

Leeds- born singer-songwriter and artist, Rob Lea has released Freak, his third single of 2022. Having toured across the UK and Europe for the past 10 years with one of the biggest Queen Tribute Bands, Majesty, the artist has begun his journey of finding his sound and composing his own songs. His EP, Reflection was released in April of this year and was soon followed by his second single, Summer in the Morning.

The rhythm of the song is dictated by successive bass guitar cycles. Underpinning the vocals in the verses, we see cymbal beats complementing the rhythm of the guitar. The verses are delivered in distinct blocks, seemingly chaotic but charmingly feeding into the instruments before flourishing in the chorus.

The transitory quality of the pre-chorus sets the stage for the chorus to flaunt its energy. The chorus sees a blue fusion of the textured melody tangents and cultured vocals. Reminiscent of old-school garage bands, the song carries raw class and iconic style.

Having performed the compositions of Freddie Mercury for so long, Rob Lea enlists Mercury’s eccentricity and whimsy in his music, as apparent from his discography. The harmonious incongruency of the song’s rhythm and beat placements can be seen as a musical metaphor for the song’s theme.

Available on Spotify.

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Rob Lea – Freak

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