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Per Thornberg | In Motion | Flawless Jazz
Per Thornberg | In Motion | Flawless Jazz

Per Thornberg – In Motion | Flawless Jazz

What is the difference between a pioneer and an artist? A pioneer is among the first people to create a style or to introduce it to the world. An artist can also do that but the beauty of an artist is the ability to be inspired from the work of a pioneer and create multiple variants of the same style. Per Thornberg is an artist that isn’t bound by the walls of jazz but goes on to give his own spin to his flawless music.

Per Thornberg is a very qualified jazz musician, tenor, saxophonist, teacher in improvisation, lecturer, author of educational books, composer, artist and even a critic. The fact that he is a teacher and author of books means that he knows exactly what he’s doing. His music is a flawless sonic expression of his thoughts and emotions. A master of his craft, Per Thornberg, works with a lot of visual artists in crossover projects between art and music.

In Motion s one of those perfect lounge music tracks that just take you back in time into a club with leather seats and a lot of gold and lights. Per Thornberg on the stage with his saxophone and ensemble twisting the minds of the audience. I cannot put into words the prowess and flawless talent he shows on the saxophone, almost like an extension of his vocal chords. It almost feels like he’s singing through the instrument. The accompanying percussions are also perfect. They remind me of ‘Riders on the storm’ and is a very nice evening or night time vibe. The song, as it progresses, switches from the saxophone to some keys that just pierce through the listener’s soul. What is this part?! Its just unbelievable after the two and half minute mark.

Towards the end, all the elements come together in a beautiful mix down that shows the expertise of the artists performing this single. Its not some run off the mill music that you hear today. It is pure classy jazz!

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