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Dani Twice - Stupid Bet
Dani Twice - Stupid Bet

Dani Twice – Stupid Bet | Deep Bass

Dani Twice is a singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist based in the United States. The Colombian American artist, currently based in Tampa, Florida, has been releasing music since 2020. His latest project sees him releasing a bunch of singles that will preview his upcoming works. While Dani shows exquisite attention to detail, his music speaks volumes in terms of that. He has a unique flow and identity that matches his beats in some of the most melodious lines I’ve heard.

Stupid Bet, his latest single is a part of his upcoming project and is absolutely sublime. The electronic sampling is seamless, with a well-balanced field for the music. Additionally, Dani Twice has a flair for lyrical rhymes that keep his music flowing. The beats are deep, and heavy and compliment his vocals really well. The lighter elements add some really cool contrasts to the percussion. While I don’t normally listen to a lot of Hip Hop and Rap I can say that Dani Twice is an artist that I would not mind listening to at all.

His music is honest, open and most importantly, authentic. With so much going on for him, Dani Twice looks like an up and coming artist to look out for. You can watch his social media or streaming profiles to keep track of when he releases his upcoming material. Until then, enjoy what’s out there!

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