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King Uche – Motivate | Ultimate Boosters

King Uche has released his new track ‘Motivate,’ which will give everyone a major push. The performance is excellent, and it instantly puts us in the mood for the track. King Uche has nailed the manner he delivers the song and the attitude he retains throughout the piece, which is a joy to listen to. The writing also incorporates relevant allusions, which can often operate as a barrier in our thoughts, causing us to put off dealing with these issues, making us more susceptible. The composition invigorates us with so much positive thinking and immediately frees us from any fears and worries. This performance also has a crescendo, which creates an environment in which the tune gradually grows on us and has an effect.

The production is also quite effective in keeping us hooked on the killer music. The riff is extremely catchy and immediately gets on our nerves. The 808s are really tight and sound wonderful. These subs have the appropriate tone to lift the bottom end all the way to the end. The melody glides from one section to the next with grace and fluidity. Another component that is spot on is the clarity of the delivery. I was blown away by the tone and overall atmosphere by the track. Other aspects that kept the momentum rolling were vocal chops. It fills the spaces perfectly and keeps us all involved. I am convinced that when new listeners become acquainted of the track, they will love it.

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