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The Kaz Experiment-Emerging From Solitude
The Kaz Experiment-Emerging From Solitude
The Kaz Experiment-Emerging From Solitude

The Kaz Experiment-Emerging From Solitude | Transfiguration Medley

Karen Harding is the grey matter behind The Kaz Experiment. With almost sentient instrumentals that harness the energy of the soul, this project brings joy with simple approaches. Emerging from Solitude is the latest single by The Kaz Experiment. It is a dramatic rendering of metamorphosis, elucidated by simple instrumental flourishes.

Dancing with Darkness was the first single released by The Kaz Experiment earlier this year. This track is a new chapter. Cascading notes with an approach that master composers have used, Karen does the same with this new single. The flutter of notes that are bunched together are like a condensed gemstone, reflecting light everywhere. The sound and phrasing is especially to highlight this very moment where I becomes we again, something that we all experienced. Is it coincidence that we connect with this song in such measure?

In almost ringtone like simplicity, she has been able to construct something so elegant and light. From the chord progression of Dancing with Darkness that followed the theme of the hit TV series Succession, the strings do not add the tension in this song. Played only on the piano, Karen knows her fingers have the magic to tear out of the cocoon of vaccum.

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