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Gergely Kalapis - Eternal Allies
Gergely Kalapis - Eternal Allies

Gergely Kalapis – Eternal Allies | Revisiting Familiarity

Gergely Kalapis is a singer, songwriter and music producer based in London, UK. He creates sounds that revolve mainly around Rock. With four EPs and now, two albums under his belt, he has been making giant steps in his career. His latest album, Eternal Allies contains 12 tracks with a total runtime of forty-four minutes and forty-nine seconds. This album is easily his best work so far and may just be what Rock fans have been missing out on for some time now.

Kicking the album off on All I Need, we have something as driving as ever with heavy distortion. This track has a lot going on. The guitars are electric, the drums are hard, the bass is heavy and the vocals are just perfect. The melodies and countermelodies are so synchronous giving the track a lot of punch. The backing vocals and harmonies really add some interesting textures that contrast the song well. Similarly, in In The Heat Of The Night, we have a rather familiar sound and tempo. Everything fits into place with the electrifying nature of all the instruments. Gergely Kalapis has a very familiar Poets Of The Fall sound that incorporates Britrock perfectly well into his music.

Going Under breaks the pattern, but still has this strong Poets Of The Fall vibe. I absolutely love it. It is definitely my favourite track on the album. There’s a sense of Punk that reminds me of Simple Plan as well. Gergely Kalapis is such a brilliant musician. The music really makes you feel seen and heard. There’s so much to relate to and the music is so soothing and comforting. The guitar solo in this track reminds me of everything I love about this genre.

The titular track, Eternal Allies, features a synth that gives the song this really strong retro feeling. It’s a hard track with driving melodies and heavy beats. The guitar work is possibly my favourite to have heard in the past decade. There is so much to unpack with this track as a Rock fan. However, the easiest way to say it is that it just has the ultimate Rock vibe. This song epitomises the entire album in three and a half minutes and it does it so perfectly.

Friday Night Fever and (You Made Me Feel I Was) Really Wanted are tracks that have a similar feel to the first two on the album. They are brilliant tracks, nonetheless. I think that’s what I’ve missed most about Rock. Everybody has been trying to overcomplicate things when you can make a perfectly great album with tools you operate well with regardless.

Ice Cold Pearl slows the tempo down and takes it back to a more Blues-like feeling. It is the perfect slow headbanger. Moreover, it sets up You Don’t Know perfectly as a perfect middle section for the album. While staying true to himself, he also crafts songs that change how you perceive his pattern. Never Gonna Give Up does something very similar as well with a less crowded verse, but a crescendo of a chorus.

The album ends on two live recordings of Meet You There and You Don’t Know and they are just as good as the studio recorded tracks. Any rock fan would love this album and I rate it rather highly.

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