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King Size - Once Upon a Time in Taco Bell | Love for Food 
King Size - Once Upon a Time in Taco Bell | Love for Food 

King Size – Once Upon a Time in Taco Bell | Love for Food 

King Size is an artist with a staggeringly unique taste in music. So when you listen to his tracks, you know he is anything but conventional. Once Upon a Time in Taco Bell is a track that eccentrically romanticizes food; taco bell, mainly, and does so in such a refreshing manner. You are astounded because tracks like these are rare, something so unique yet equally gorgeous. 

Once Upon a Time in Taco Bell is a number that gives you a strong appetite, especially because of how ardently King Size speaks about food. The song is definitely, quite creative and brave. To speak about food, and not about love, heartbreak, or trauma, not only feels quite refreshing but also admirable. King Size makes sure you feel uplifted with the track’s casual yet appealing vibes, joyful undertones, and his ever so impressive vocals. 

Once Upon a Time in Taco Bell feels like a classic hip hop number, because even though the theme is eccentric, it has been sung in a classic rap form. With insanely appealing music, an overall fine amalgamation of all the elements in this track pop brilliantly. Nothing needs to be mentioned about King Size’s excellent flairs as a hip hop artist. His understanding of the quantity of everything makes this track a fine blend. Everything has been added with moderation. And only someone with a good understanding of mixing and blending themes and elements can do this. 

Let’s know what King Size has to say about the track: 

1. What inspired you to create “Once Upon A Time in Taco bell”?
Prolly my pathological addiction to food. I think about it all the time. Hell, I’m eating right now. Writing a song about Taco Bell was inevitable. When K-Ci and JoJo fall in love, they write “All My Life.” But when Size in his feels, he fantasizes about hostage situations involving dog food-grade beef. Feel me?

2. How long did it take you to create this song?
This track came out of me quick, kinda like a Taco Bell shit. One minute, I was eating a hamburger in a 7-11 parking lot wearing a pristine white tank-top, and the next minute, I was laying down bars in my homie’s garage. I saw the whole thing play out in my mind’s eye like a Scorsese flick. Sometimes the Gods must speak, and I’m the only available mouth. Sucks for them.

3. Who are the top musical role models that you look up to?
I like the Chicks (fka The Dixie Chicks), Kanye West, Neil Young… Basically, any artist who’s said something fucked up about a president on TV. That’s what I really aspire to. Get me on Good Morning America. Get me on The Today Show. Get me on the Weather Channel. I got some shit to say about a president.

I’m also a fan of 90s hip hop. That’s prolly the answer you were looking for.

4. Is there any influence of your hometown/culture in your music? If yes, then in what way?
I hail from Louisiana, the heart of “Cajun Country.” They’re gonna be so ashamed of me for writing about Taco Bell. The worst thing that happened to me before the Mexican Pizza got discontinued was the time my hometown Taco Bell ran out of meat. I skipped P.E. and walked down there, at great personal risk, only to find out they couldn’t make shit. No, I do not want a bean burrito or a cop of black beans wtf. I got detention and had to apologize to the lunch ladies for calling their food “sloppy pig vomit.” Those kinds of wounds take a long time to heal.

5. What exactly do you think Once Upon A Time in Taco Bell conveys?
I hope it conveys to executives at other fast-food chains that they should think twice before robbing me of my favourite menu items. Got my eye on you, Arby’s. Maybe also something about end-stage capitalism and the plight of all my young, poor homies. But if that’s there, it’s mostly incidental. Death of the author, etc… I was just pissed about losing the Mexican Pizza.

6. What is next for KING SIZE?
Thinking about going back to buffets now that the CDC says the pandemic is over. Buffets are my biggest inspiration in life. I’m almost done with my first album, and I truly feel like it’s a musical buffet. I got a joint about Batman that’s already out. Some more fast food tracks on the album. Got a weed jam on there. There’s a little something for everyone, just like a buffet. Yeah. Don’t get me started on buffets.

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