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kav.-Animal Brain
kav.-Animal Brain
kav.-Animal Brain

kav.-Animal Brain | Cranial chaos

kav got a straight lightning strike with his first single, dissolve, last year. It is an emotional departure from the inertia of showing your face as an artist. kav now releases his first single for 2022, Animal Brain. It is a wild side of the 2 parts of the brain that seem to control our reality and thoughts. He must have gone back to his primal state, because this is one cradle-rocking number.

kav realizes his vocals have an emotional spectrum that a very few can gauge to perfect. His track Animal Brain starts like that, making his innermost melody a chorus that harbors new vibrations in you. The instrumentals crash in like the dense foam at the junction where water falls. With only a two step change, the arrangement is so strong that you forget the oscillating nature of the same.

If dissolve rested on the heavy reverberations of the guitar and kav’s melodious voice, he proves that he doesn’t need much to create magic. Like an anti-Zappa theory. His lyrics also resonate with most listeners in a desensitized state of split minds, where realization does more harm than good. It is provocative in thought and action, with powerful instrumental tides washing over to show us where the treasure lies.

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