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“what’s it to you?”, by mase J: A delectable dalliance of rhymes, melody, and talent

mase J has the fury of a raging hurricane and the soul of a pariah. An “unpredictable sound that’s rolling out a revitalising vision” is how the rapper is described after the launch of his debut EP “Hello World!” in 2021. On his latest single, “what’s it to you?”, we get a taste of the melodic, slow-rapped style that mase J is fast becoming known for. Keep reading to know what I think!

A crisp electric guitar riff at the start of “what’s it to you?” by mase J, a slow rap song, immediately grabs the attention of the listener. The riff establishes the tone and tempo of the song, lending it a laid-back and mellow feel that nicely matches the rapper’s fluid delivery.

The track’s superb usage of adlibs, which are mixed to sound enormous and expansive, is one noteworthy quality. They improve the song’s overall aural experience by giving it depth and texture. The production techniques used in “what’s it to you?” are admirable; the track’s groove is well-supported by bouncy hi-hats and a great, rich low-end.

mase J’s delivery is engaging, smooth, and hits the right boxes in terms of the harmony of the style with the lyrical themes, and drives the song forward with panache and poise. The production is great, right from the intro guitar riff (as I alluded to earlier), to the nice production styles, good vocal mixing, and simplistic yet elegant lyrical themes. It is a great addition to any chill playlist and a testament to the rapper’s talent and creativity.

Check out “what’s it to you?” by mase J here!

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