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Hangtime – Walls |

Hangtime is an innovative artist who has managed to breakthrough the orthodox musicality by infusing different genres. This artist draws inspirations from hip-hop, alternative rock and prog rock to create a whole different feel of his own. These different styles might worlds apart from one another, but at the same time, it is quite amusing to understand that there is also a common ground between them. Hangtime has found a way to concur this with his elite musicality. Each track by Hangtime is diversely integrated with vivid musical elements which takes him a step ahead of others. The passionate vocals make his tracks stand out of the crowd leaving the listeners begging for more.

“Hangtime’s proggy ring to their tracks is what retains me as a listener who comes back to their discography for a musical feast.”

Hangtimes discography is a vivid display of 5 EP’s and 2 full length album which will caress your heart throughout. This artist has taken it a step further with experimental music making it their own genre.

Hangtime has recently released an EP with 3 songs and it’s called ‘Walls’ which is a full course meal for any music lover. The EP displays their versatility showcasing multiple genres intertwined with perfection. Each track in the EP has its own spot which is secured for at least a decade. Following are the tracks in the EP and what they feel like-

Track 1- ‘Walls’ Is the first track of the EP and can be considered as the Intro of the EP. The track is power packed to make you loose your shit. The song gently flows like a river into a huge waterfall making this track one of the most powerful track I’ve heard in a while. The artist has brought about a revolution with his characteristic vocals and innovative music. This is once in a decade song and there’s no point missing out on a masterpiece like this.

Track 2- ‘NFZ’ is the third track of the album and is my personal favorite from the album. The music is innovative and the way Hangtime has experimented with screeches just makes my heart skip several beats. The drum rolls are fresh out of the oven discovering untouched complex time signatures. This song truly elevates my soul every time I listenm to it.

Track 3- ‘Saturate’ is the third track and the outro of the EP. This is one of the best exits i could fathom. Each beat in this track is carefully curated to deliver maximum impact. The track is musically sound and structurally elite. This is what I mean when I say Hangtime is going to make it big and ain’t nothing stopping him from doing so.

Listen to ‘Walls’ by Hangtime-

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