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Tyler Kamen | Lizard House | Psychotropic Wonderland | psychedelic rock
Tyler Kamen | Lizard House | Psychotropic Wonderland | psychedelic rock

Tyler Kamen – Lizard House | Psychotropic Wonderland

They say all humans are equal. We all have the same advantage over each other and nobody really is inferior. All this sounds good until you hear someone like Tyler Kamen. Its almost unfair how one man has this much talent. To write, sing, play the instruments and even produce an album is no joke. Creating a masterpiece in the process is nothing short of an anomaly. This makes you feel that God does pick favorites. ‘Lizard house’ is a psychotropic wonderland through which us fearless listeners must traverse.

Lizard House is a psychedelic journey through the weirdly reptilian world of Tyler Kamen. Right from the Prologue, this album is a masterpiece. With natural elements and the sound of rain, this track is the perfect beginning to this album. Setting a laid-back vibe just the onset of a psychedelic experience. As you lay back and drop your guard, Tyler takes you into ‘Lizard House’. This time, the sounds are floating around, they’re coming right at you. With anthemic vocals that sound like a brad is reciting the fables of the lizards.

As the energy subsides, we move into Chapter – 1 – Schooldays, a psychedelic interlude to keep the story going. Amazing vocals like that of elves in world of lizards and an angelic chorus gives you some room to calm down and enjoy what you are going through. I love how the track ends with a school bell and goes into a Christmassy direction with ‘The Academy. “All I want to do is graduate from the Academy”. This track is filled with ear candy. Some random whistles and sounds from schools to create a feeling of nostalgia. The melodies ooze the holiday spirit and the vocals still appear to be coming from behind the track.

‘Orientation’ is a change in style with screaming vocals, blazing guitars and some blaring organs. Not for long though, the track sets into a melodic direction with Tyler screaming “surrender your brain”. This track is about orientation and how you start surrendering your brain to the institution. Tyler questions why we need any of this. From here, Tyler takes us to the ‘Library of Engineering’ which starts off with the most holiday sounding introduction. Organs coupled with happy keys and in the chords of a Christmas carol define this track with no vocals. Professor Trinket, the final track of the first chapter is packed with energy and steers away from the holiday mood. This is a more uplifting track with Spanish influences.

Chapter – 2 – Dark Passenger – Oh man the album is getting a little confusing now. Amazing creativity, and quirky samples make this the most hypnotic track in this album yet. However psychedelic and chaotic the music gets; it always has an island (Hawaiian) influence. Its like you’re laying back in the farm staring into the sky as the cows are sucked into the sky by UFOs; unalarmed. ‘The headmaster’ is probably the first time I actually hear Tyler’s voice this whole album. Polygon Mutation has a very creative and futuristic introduction. This hi-tech psychedelic rock is a really exciting genre and I’m loving this album. Chapter- 2 ends with Swindlebeast vs Arachnidroid, a indie gem hiding amidst this reptilian jungle. This track is very innovative and uses elements from all the tracks that come before. School bell sounds and computer beeps with some amazing guitar work, holding it all together.

Chapter – 3 – Skyway Navigation is now making sense to me. The story from the previous chapter continues with this amazing track. I am loving these interludes and they act as bridges that help you get across the album. The tone of the album has become way peppier with crazy melodies that go back to the eighties. Its like a collaboration between the Doors, Dire straits and Pink Floyd all into one.  Reptilian Spaceship has some very nice sitar strings that make this one of my favorite tracks. Its like the Scorpions are singing this track with lyrics that are more confusing than the music itself. Motherboard spaceship is another one of those audio candies that Tyler has scattered across the album to keep it interesting.

Chapter – 4 – Battle for Lizard House – again back with the amazing guitar work with the story going on. I must give it to the Tyler for picking this sample that adds the perfect backbone to this album. This is the last chapter and thrown into full throttle with Feather Weather. It is a soul funk track that propels this album forward. The sound design on ‘The Return’ is nothing short of awe inspiring.

The journey doesn’t end here as Tyler throws in ‘School of destruction’ to the mix suddenly. The highest tempo I have felt in this album, brimming with energy. I’m typing this super-fast as I listen to this track, sending waves of energy down my spine. The track just spins on and on with a guitar solo that drills its way into your brain. Graduation is the finale of this interesting journey through the Lizard House. It talks about how we have made it to the end of show. We have graduated.

A spectacular album that takes you on a journey and a mind boggling one through the depths of Lizard house, a psychotropic wonderland . It is a journey that takes you through school and finally you graduate. Realizing what it all means as you look at the journey in retrospect. As you put all the pieces together, you ‘Graduate’. I cannot begin to put into words, the impact this album has had on me. You have to listen to understand what I am trying to say.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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