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Myke Green - ICE BLUE
Myke Green - ICE BLUE

Myke Green – ICE BLUE | Trendy

American singer-songwriter Myke Green presents to us a discography that is truly avant-garde, now updating his discography with the release of his latest track ICE BLUE. The track arrives after the release of some of his previous tracks such as $YM 007, KILL 4 ME and Dont Tell Me, showcasing an evolved understanding of the genre from the musician that highlights his continually thriving craftsmanship in his music.

ICE BLUE is thoroughly an upbeat electro pop track that opens up with a very 2010s guitar riff accompanied with brass-like synth waves that offer a track a sense of mystic eagerness. Green’s vocal performance is decorated alongside a ridiculously groovy trap hop beat that manages to invite the sense of outdoorsy groove to the track, keeping in trend with the contemporary styles of commercially driven popular music. Myke Green appears in tandem with the latest necessities in weaving out a chart-topping pop track, and his arrangement manages to be inspired by this knowledge, giving the track the sense of topicality that it warrants.

With a plethora of tracks now under his belt, the journey of Myke Green is one to be documented and one would miss out on the evolution without being an ardent fan. 

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