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A.P. Michaels – Neon Love | Ecstatic Glide

A.P. Michaels is an artist who spins music that seeps into the listener’s head making them cry out for help, making them weak in their knees. His vocals are just as addictive as any drug out there. You will get hooked on to this deadly addiction by just one go. His discography has four tracks which are all so good that you will find yourself craving for more. He made his debut with ‘Nightshade Heart’ in 2020 which is surely one of the best debuts I’ve ever heard. This is surely an artist that deserves all the love and recognition yin the world.

I recently came across his latest release which is named ‘Neon Love’ and is full of vocals that will blow your mind away. The way takes the track to a whole different level just through his vocals is amazing. He will take you on a rollercoaster ride with this track that is so beautifully structured that you will skip several heart beats throughout the track. He knows how to make the listeners feel weightless through his exquisite musicality and elite vocals. The track has some intricate melodies and the music is beautiful enough to become a track itself. However, the vocals is what takes this track to a whole different level. The track is surely beautifully composed. The chorus is catchy and latches on to your head instantly. The subtle use of distortion in vocals at a point is the perfect ear-candy.

You can catch a little glimpse of this beautiful track by A.P. Michaels here-

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