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Only Bodies – Only Bodies | Harmonic Symphony

Only Bodies is the stage name of the ecstatic electronic duo consisting of KV Sewell and A.M.Weir. They met each other at Ithaca College, playing for a six-piece Indie Rock band where A.M. was on drums, KV on cello, uke, and vocals. After that band separated, both these talented individuals decided to continue collaborating. Only Bodies is an outcome achieved through this collaborative initiative which has resulted in a pretty powerful EP named ‘Only Bodies’ which was released on the 1st of October. The duo has put in a lot of efforts and work into creating this EP and making it a masterpiece.

This ecstatic duo has recently released an EP which is also named ‘Only Bodies’. The Ep has three songs and each of them is better than the other in some or the other way. This duo makes sure to leave the listeners spellbound with their exquisite musicality and vast lyricism. The vocals are perfectly executed by KV Sewell which are crystal clear and hypnotic enough to make you fall into a deep trip. The way A.M. carries the musical aspect of the track is beyond appreciation. Both these artists have reached the epitome of individuality where they have decided to form a duo project which showcases both of their elite musical abilities.

The EP starts off with the first track named ‘Slaved’ and as the name suggests, this track will make you a slave to it’s rhythm. This is the best track on the EP according to me. Each of the beat takes you into a deeper trip making you beg for more. The tracks starts off at a slow pace and slowly enters into an electronic drop after the mesmerizing vocals. The way this duo intertwines such deep melodies into vocals and electronic music gives me goosebumps every single time.

The second track on the EP is ‘Sleepy’ which comes up after a pretty smooth transition after the first track. This track projects a deep sense of lyricism which makes me fall deeper in love with this amazing duo project. The melodies sound something pulled right out of a dream. This is a track that will elevate your mind, body and soul. ‘Sleepy’ is a a perfect example of how magical music can be and how deep lyricism can put you into a trip.

The third track on the EP is named ‘Hard To Know’. This is a track which brings the perfect end that this masterpiece deserves. The track totally justifies this duo’s intense musicality and it’s vivid lyricism. The track has melodies that will make you laugh with joy and weep with immense grief. The way this duo spins music into such powerful pieces of art just takes my breath away.

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