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Amenra-A Solitary Reign
Amenra-A Solitary Reign
Amenra-A Solitary Reign

Amenra- A Solitary Reign | Where lightning strikes

Every once in a while, we would like to respect overlooked genius. This is why we bring to you, Amenra. This is not promoting their songs, it is a discovery you wish you would have made earlier. I sure wish I would have. From atmospheric metal to the extremisms of the grim, this is a palette that is not for the weak. This is their single, A Solitary Reign.

Let it not show, in vain, the very energy this band can muster. Before diving into this epic, you must respect the songwriting style, of narratives and matters of the mind. This is where matter could be grey. A deceptively simple riff kicks off this song, metastasizing into some of the most blistering, obliterating layer of instrumentals and ambient I’ve heard executed melodically. The promise is of how the song evolves, with the spatial prominence being dominated by the guitar. The vocals are a gentle juxtaposition in comparison, a whisper of a rhyme-lyrics that ring devastatingly close to a reality.

Expect the song to change rhythm for a guttural escape. Cradled in each of its segments are surprising explosions of sound and drama. Mediocrity is obliterated by this wildly experimental edge by Amenra. This might be one of their best tracks, but De Doorn and Alive are no less. They bring the thunder again with their latest-Black Crow Blues. Listen to their catalogue here:

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