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Wild Horse - Bitter
Wild Horse - Bitter

Wild Horse – Bitter

The East Sussex-based boys, Wild Horse have released yet another beautiful track, Bitter, packed with expanding emotions that engulf us in its wake. Showing off their diverse blending styles, the band has really outdone themselves with this track.

A song about wanting more from someone who just wants something casual and general mixed emotions and confusion about having a casual partner. Bringing out the pain of having to censor love and affection and the agony of not being able to indulge it and marinate in it, the vocalist sings,

“A little bit of feeling’s what I need
But just a little bit of pleasure’s all you want
And now I’m stuck here in the middle playing games
I really thought we could’ve talked this out by now
I’m just a little bitter”

The soft rock track sports melancholic guitar melodies and impassioned vocals immersed in a cocktail of sadness, heartbreak, and unspent love. Small moments and conversations creep into the lyrics it revolves around the unfortunate impasse that the lovers have reached. Enlisting subtle properties of folk and country, the track explores the canvass of unrequited love and its doom.

Despite the theme, the theme has a swinging rhythm that will have you jamming in no time. Add to that, its catchy lyrics and endearing vocals, the song is an instant winner! We also see choir-like harmonies that validate the feelings of the protagonist like a soothing friend. Magnificently composed and delivered, the soundscape is rich and full of stimulating blends and beats that amplify the powerlessness and heartache felt by the protagonist.

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Listen to Bitter by Wild Horse here –

Wild Horse – Bitter

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