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divine & acajou - You Got Me Here
divine & acajou - You Got Me Here

divine & acajou – You Got Me Here

French singer-songwriter and artist, divine & acajou has just dropped her sophomore single, You Got Me Here. With a mystical charm, it lifts your soul and warms your heart.

Born out of unbridled and absolute joy, the song captures the essence of happiness and mirth. Springs of hope and optimism bubble through its layers of melodies and textures. The rhythm carves out a world of ease and relaxation. Crafted with care and love, the properties of goodness and cheer realize themselves through the jubilation of the melodies before dissolving into the magnificent fabric of the vocals.

The crystal enigma of the lightless vocals radiates through the song to create ethereal waves of emotion. Layers of folk guitar, warm jazz, and echoing harmonies bass distill the song’s theme of love, unwavering faith, and joy and manifest them in the mahogany vocals. Fresh and light, we can perceive divine clarity and purity in the blossoming vocals. African percussion rhythm further defines the folk accents in the song.

An invitation to break out of our inhibitions and limitations, the artist gradually nudges us to let go of all fears and take a leap of faith. The dreamy and surreal song is a love call born out of self-discovery and profound wisdom.

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Listen to You Got Me Here by divine & acajou here –

divine & acajou – You Got Me Here

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