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Sun Lite-Sun's Seven
Sun Lite-Sun's Seven
Sun Lite-Sun's Seven

Sun Lite takes you through constellations with his latest album, “Sun’s Seven”

Sun Lite is a planet orbiting our Earth with some fantastic ideas for music. While he explores the many genres that he does, he does make sure he’s having fun doing it. His latest album is a dive into some parts of the spectrum he hasn’t touched, as he travels with his space probe. Prepare yourself to be surprised. This is his latest album, Sun’s Seven. 

Like I said, it was necessary to go in with a blank mind. The album opens with a Sabbath N.I.B inspired riff, spelling doom for us all. The riff is catchy enough for us to be headbanging to it all day-yet we hear elements of synth opening it up. Almost instantly, it changes into a Deep Purple track, especially from their Infinity years. The flavour is retained due to the dedication to tone and the heavy. I can imagine entire stadiums swinging to this eventual rock anthem. 

Never hear the same style twice

Movin’ On is the next track. A delicious groove with some phasing electronic elements come in. You’d think it would be an intro to a Limp Bizkit song-but you must wait. The synth drama with this opening is a NIN track just by the kind of essence it is holding. It is especially reminiscent of Reznor’s lyricism. The guitar solo is a perfect example as to how one can belong tailor fit to a track. The Night Hag shows Sun Lite in his constant need to explore. All genres are part of one tapestry he tries, and you’ll always hear something you haven’t even remotely heard before. The Night Hag comes, and brings with it the anthem for the nocturnal maiden.

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The different modes, scales and themes this artist explores is what keeps the album exciting. We have heard far too many songs about the same kind of stories, Sun Lite is inspired by more. The way Night Hag becomes a synth and guitar soliloquy is the kind of music that makes it uniquely his. The guitar groove of Trolls greets us next-providing a Gilmour Animals inspired structure. However, expect the unexpected with Sun Lite, and the funkiness kicks in. A dance worthy track, there are a lot of tones to drown into with this kind of classy songwriting. 

Sun Lite explores through emotion & fantasy

Dog & Pony Show, Pt 1 is an emotive, exciting song with some dissipating tones. As the chords and notes bleed into one another, a psychedelic trance is born within. It has been stitched really well into the song, you yearn it when it recedes. Not the Bats, Not the Chinese, seems to be a play on the pandemic that took over the world. The monologues that open the track are immediate giveaways. Listen to this and Pendulum together, and you won’t even predict the same artist writing these two songs. In seven songs, he has taken us on a voyage to another solar system, and that will be a first for you from any artist.

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His full length album Unicorns & Dragons are one of the definites you must explore. This artist goes the lengths to prove that music genres are a construct, music takes you where it does. Listen to his album here and follow him for more idiosyncratic ideas!:

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